Actionable Building Consulting

With era, taking a holistic approach to building infrastructure solutions is as easy as ABC. Offering a range of services from infrastructure asset strategy and energy management to system retrocommissioning and emergency planning, our team will ensure that you are fully prepared to optimize the future of your property.

Comprehensive Energy Management

For clients looking to take their business' energy strategy to the next level without hiring a full-time in-house energy manager, Era offers part-time, retainer-based, or à la carte energy services. Your era energy manager can perform building audits, making recommendations, enable turn-key design-build projects, perform measurement and verification to validate savings from previous projects, or even act as an on-site member of your building or portfolio team.


Contingency Planning & Emergency Rental

Emergencies happen. When they do, the best organizations are often perceived as being so because of their ability to "thrive under pressure", but underneath the hustle of response is most often the muscle memory of training and the mental memory of planning and practise. Whether your organization is looking for a deep resiliency strategy incorporating on-site generation, would like a "just-in-case" contingency plan for the possibility of a major mechanical failure, or needs an emergency rental (chiller, boiler, generator) right this very minute, era has you covered.*

Note: Rentals are subject to market resource availability.

Infrastructure Asset Strategy

The first step of creating a path to success is knowing where the trail begins. Our team will follow the infrastructure strategy cycle for your property from the initial steps of asset inventory and goal setting, through option vetting, to building improvement, result measurement and verification, and back around to the beginning again. Infrastructure Asset Strategy should be fluid as  conditionsinside the building and outare always changing. Our team is prepared with the knowledge and experience to implement only the best solutions for your property.

If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions. If you want to know your future, look into your present actions.
— Buddhist Saying