Energy & Sustainability

From basic benchmarking to advanced procurement and resiliency strategies, energy plays a key role in the operational and financial health of buildings. A holistic approach to building energy strategy closely intertwined with the asset strategy and operational needs of your property is the key to success.

Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions

For clients looking to take their business' energy strategy to the next level without hiring a full-time in-house energy manager, Era offers part-time or retainer-based energy services as a part of our Actionable Building Consulting platform.

The Era Utility Dashboard

Whether you are just starting your energy journey or looking for a simple visualization of your property's energy consumption, our utility dashboard can serve as a key tool to raise awareness and drive action in your organization. With an intuitive online user interface, the dashboard will automatically obtain monthly billing information from your utility providers and upload the information to Energy Star Portfolio Manager, eliminating the need for monthly manual entry. Combined with insights from our industry-best professionals, you will quickly ascertain the answers to key questions about your business' energy use.

Performance Benchmarking & Actionable Auditing

Now required by many municipalities across the country, benchmarking building performance is not only a key first step to gauging savings opportunities in your building but also an important process for tracking improvement over time. We believe in actionable benchmarking and energy auditing, meant to create meaningful knowledge, enable action, and yield results...not just another binder for the bookshelf.

Building Improvement

Improvements can come in many shapes and sizes: from minor operational improvements through equipment tune-ups or building retrocommissioning to major upgrades like lighting, automation, generation, or mechanical system construction & renovation. After identifying the improvements that best suit the operational and financial needs of your building, we help to both implement projects and verify energy consumption and dollar savings.

Energy Procurement

Energy expenses often account for over 30% of property operating expenses. Keeping the cost of your building's energy consumption down (however high or low its usage may be) is just one more key to the financial strength of your property. By concurrently addressing consumption, demand, and contract terms, our experts can help to create the energy procurement solution that best suits the needs, risk tolerances, and objectives of your property.