Construction & Renovation

Large projects, large results.

Major capital investments are more than just major expenses; they represent some of the best opportunities to take a step back and approach your building holistically in the most sophisticated fashion possible.

Before a project is ever approved (or even budgeted), intense conversations should occur between ownership/management and the contractor in order to thoroughly establish financial, operational, and social objectives. A trusted relationship with your installing contractor and design engineer (possibly even merging the two into one design-build entity) helps to ensure that your project is completed on-time and on-budget. We don't believe in change orders, and neither should you.  

Electrical Retrofits

Time to change out those old lighting fixtures for new technology, reduce losses from old transformers, or retrofit switchgears with new more energy efficient equipment? Time to call era. Our team will ensure that your capital is being put toward the best available technologies while maximizing safety and minimizing impact on building occupants...all so that you can worry about what you do best: running your business.

Mechanical System Upgrades

Whether you are looking for a complete system redesign, or just want to change out degraded components such as old chillers, air handling units, automation systems, or cooling towers, our era building solutions team will take into account building-level system interactions and make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, creating systems that enhance both occupant comfort and your property's bottom-line.

Renewables & Pure-Energy Upgrades

Some projects need to happen because of the degradation of older building equipment, others because building uses have changed over time, but there is a whole other category in which projects are implemented solely for their sustainability, resiliency, and/or cost-saving benefits. These upgrades such as solar, cogeneration (CHP), and other deep efficiency retrofits are what some say era does best.