EcoSmart Energy Management
In-Room Controls & IoT

If you are looking to embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) and take your controls systems offerings into a new era, Telkonet's EcoSmart energy management system may be just what the doctor ordered. Fully integrateable through BACnet, MODbus, ZigBee, or custom APIs to existing automation systems, front-desk check-in systems (hotels), and maintenance management systems (common in hotels, healthcare, and senior living), era building solutions is proud to be the only non-OEM in the Region to offer the complete line of EcoSmart controls, engineering, and ongoing support services to our contractor clients.

Whether you are yearning to give a client an innovative but thoroughly tested solution*, looking for a competitive edge in an ever-tightening building automation market, or simply replying to an owner's request to have EcoSmart Energy Management in their property, our expert team is here to help.

Where do EcoSmart systems work most effectively?

A highly specialized but easily adaptable & scalable solution, EcoSmart Energy Management can be applied to help clients across a vast array of vertical markets. EcoSmart is highly effective as a standalone solution or can be integrated into any number of systems for more advanced capabilities. Ideal building attributes for an EcoSmart system include...

  • Spaces with intermittent occupancy that cannot be easily scheduled such as hotel rooms, residence halls, assisted or independent living retirement communities, school classrooms, multifamily mid- and high-rises, medical facilities, and public housing.
  • Places where energy can be saved when controlled based on occupancy such as conference areas, laundry facilities, and workout rooms.
  • Properties without control of terminal HVAC units and other in-room energy loads, including those with a robust Building Automation System controlling the central plant.
  • Buildings in which HVAC and lighting control would normally be cost-prohibitive due to wiring and installation expenses.
  • Buildings with numerous terminal units or other unitary equipment.

Typical Returns


42% avg. run-time reduction**

1.5 to 3.5 year average SPB

  • 24 to 40 mo's (<$.15/kwh)
  • 18 to 36 mo's (>$.15/kwh)

Retirement & Assisted Living

28% avg. run-time reduction**

2.5 to 5 year average SPB

  • 36 to 60 mo's (<$.15/kwh)
  • 30 to 48 mo's (>$.15/kwh)


20% avg. run-time reduction**

2.7 to 5 year average SPB

  • 39 to 60 mo's (<$.15/kwh)
  • 32 to 48 mo's (>$.15/kwh)

Simple Payback (SPB) defined as typical total installed project cost divided by typical annual savings.

Runtime Reduction

Much of the savings found in EcoSmart Intelligent Automation systems is through the recognition of reduced runtime from setback during periods of non-occupancy which would be difficult or impossible to capture with standard scheduling. Below are typical reductions in runtime across various industries and building types.

All values shown as a percentage of typical run hours.

EcoCare Support

EcoCare is a team-based service composed of LEED-accredited professionals, certified energy managers and professional engineers to provide you and your clients with multiple tiers of support when you need it.

What's Available to You

Our cloud-based, energy monitoring support services helps ensure maximum efficiency and long-term savings. Telkonet teams with era to offer a full suite of factory-supported services including:

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Dedicated support team monitoring
  • Quarterly system performance reviews
  • Savings trend reports
  • Extended equipment warranties
  • Direct support for on-site technicians and engineers
  • Diagnostic assistance
  • Additional customized reports
  • Interfaces with third-party Property Management Systems
  • Building Automation System integration support

Pricing & Specifications

era offers complimentary quotation services including savings estimates, labor recommendations, and even optional installation and maintenance agreements for our contractor clients. For pricing, specifications, or other additional information, please see your era building solutions representative or contact us below.

* EcoSmart energy management is already controlling over 300,000 rooms in North America and has been approved and vetted by many of the largest firms in the country.
**Compared to schedule-based occupancy control.