Telkonet EcoSmart Energy Management

era building solutions is proud to be the only non-manufacturer in the Region to offer Telkonet® EcoSmart™ solutions to our owner, manager, and contractor clients. Already controlling over 600,000 rooms in buildings across the globe, Telkonet's IoT-based (Internet of Things) energy management systems are uniquely capable of capturing lighting, HVAC, plug loads, entry systems, and other customized integrations in ways that once simply were not possible. Choose your era logo below to learn more.

EcoSmart for Owners & Managers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a new generation of energy management systems and practices, and era is proud to be on the fore-front. It is now easier than ever to take control of equipment which was once considered too small for the cost-effective application of advanced optimization strategies. Lighting, HVAC, plug loads, and security can all be seamlessly integrated, not just to each other but also to other critical building systems, enabling measurable operational results and generating significant energy savings.

Common in hotels, retirement communities, student & public housing, education facilities, offices, and others, systems with sporadic occupancy and/or high quantities of standalone terminal units represent one of the most significant opportunities for efficiency across most modern building types. 

EcoSmart for Contractors & Engineers

If you are looking to embrace the Internet of Things and take your controls systems offerings into a new era, Telkonet's EcoSmart energy management system may be the just what the doctor ordered. Fully integrateable through BACnet, MODbus, ZigBee, or custom APIs to existing automation systems, front-desk check-in systems, maintenance management systems, and more, era building solutions is proud to be the only non-OEM in the Region to offer the complete line of EcoSmart controls, engineering, and ongoing support services to our contractor clients.

Whether you are yearning to give a client an innovative but thoroughly tested solution, looking for a competitive edge, or simply replying to an owner's request for EcoSmart Energy Management in their property, era is here to help.

Typical Returns


42% avg. run-time reduction**

1.5 to 3.5 year average SPB

  • 24 to 40 mo's (<$.15/kwh)

  • 18 to 36 mo's (>$.15/kwh)

Retirement & Assisted Living

28% avg. run-time reduction**

2.5 to 5 year average SPB

  • 36 to 60 mo's (<$.15/kwh)

  • 30 to 48 mo's (>$.15/kwh)


20% avg. run-time reduction**

2.7 to 5 year average SPB

  • 39 to 60 mo's (<$.15/kwh)

  • 32 to 48 mo's (>$.15/kwh)